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FLEXIBILITY IS A SECOND POWER: - "Schedule yoga classes and yoga based motivation sessions in Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Offices etc as per your convenience, at your convenient time and venue." Yoga based Customized Outbound Training Program for: *Students, *Teachers, *Parents, *Corporates, *IT professionals


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Mr. Suresh Kumar PM is a Yoga Trainer/Therapist/Counselor , Law of Attraction Coach, Mind Trainer, Success Coach and Life style Management Coach. The training sessions are mainly focused on the entrepreneurs, public servants, professionals, academicians, CEOs, Police Personnel, Medical Professionals, Social Workers, Teachers , students and corporate decision makers to accelerate achievement of their personal and professional goals. Facilitate success in life through meditation and application of Seven Chakras of Yoga . Happy family life and achieves prosperity in all areas. Motivated Trainer with specialization in Management, & Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga principles and practices. Has ability to inspire participants on long‐term health and wellness. Possess energetic and vibrant attitude with high level of collaborative spirit. Facilitates people to realize their inherent strengths to fulfill tasks and importance of yoga practices to maintain a healthy life style.

Trained in yoga practitioner in Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga Practices
• Experienced counselor in providing need based psychological counseling and support to the clients including children, youths and personnel working in stressed situations.
• Trained Mind Tuning counseling practices
• Experienced in providing therapeutic yoga sessions to clients to treat life style related diseases.
• Experienced Yoga Instructor cum Trainer for enhancing wellness to domestic and international guests according to their need.
• Performs Agnihotra, therapeutic yoga, restorative yoga and guided meditations to ensure proper wellness of the clients.

Certified International Yoga Teacher
• Post Graduate in Yoga
• Yoga Instructor - RPL(Recognition of Prior Learning)
• Assistant Yoga Teacher.
• Mind Tuning Counselor
• Yoga Therapy for Lifestyle Diseases
• Member of Indian Yoga Association (Unique ID No:IYA/2019/YP382 ) and a Certified Yoga Prashikhak/ Professional.

• Email:
• Palakkad, Kerala, India
• Mob: +91-9747923201

Performance and success are always correlated. Many fail in work or in life to perform to the expectations set. There are number of cases of failures of students, teaching staff, office personnel and other team members who are assigned with particular tasks. Yoga bestows them with social, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of happiness and confidence. More particularly it helps the practitioner to manage stress and remain calm.
• I have organized yoga sessions for school students, members of resident associations and office staff for improving their performances. There are sessions of different durations of one-day, two- days and according to the requirement of the parties. I apply yoga and other effective methods for improving the skills and capacities of the participants.
• I also conduct simple yoga practices and motivational inputs to relieve stress and mental tensions of clients so as to improve their confidence, mindfulness and ability to face challenges with a calm attitude.